Save on your subscription by referring family and friends.

Subject to terms and conditions below.

The TaxDone referral scheme is our way of saying thanks for using and recommending us:

  • it entitles you to £25 paid straight to your bank account if you refer a friend who then signs up for a monthly subscription and completes three months with us
  • your friend will also get a 10% discount on their monthly subscription for the first 3 months.


There is no limit as to how many times you can claim this so long as each referral is a new person / company and hasn’t been a client of us before.

Here’s how you claim it:

Step 1

When your friend is signing up, all they have to do is mention you or your company, or you can speak with your account manager mentioning a referral has signed up with us and what their company or representative name is.

Step 2

Your friend will receive 10% off on the first 3 months of service, and once they complete the third month with us we will send you the £25 straight to your bank account.