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Running payroll in QB


The way we run payroll at PayDone on QuickBooks, it’s done in 4 simple steps.

Step one is to run the payroll and generate a payslip on QuickBooks.
Step two is adding the payslip onto our dashboard where employees / employers can download and view the payslips.
Step three is submitting the necessary information to the pensions provider. This guide will only have the NEST pensions information, as most our clients use this. For others please ask your relevant Payroll Manager to check which clients require other treatment.
Step four is to send the P32 report to the employer via email so that they are aware as to their liabilities as well as salaries payable – note some employees will have to pay taxes to HMRC quarterly not monthly.

Step 1 – Completing payrun on QuickBooks

Note: Payslips are usually saved in the GSuite shared drive under Clients > Payroll > [employer folder] > [employee folder] > [tax year]

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

Firstly, you must go into the Employees tab on QuickBooks (fig. 1).

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